Labor advice

We are committed to the personalized treatment of our clients, seeking their involvement; knowing their problems first hand, helping them solve any questions and / or problems that arise.


  • Drafting and processing before public administrations of workers contracts (Contrat @).
  • Registration of companies in the Social Security and report of the labor agreement application.
  • Registration, modification and termination of workers in Social Security.
  • Preparation of Social Security and presentation (RNT and RLC).
  • Settlements and settlements.
  • Affiliation of autonomous workers. (Individual, Partners, collaborators, etc.)
  • Sending circulars to our clients of legal changes in labor matters.
  • Communication of medical leave and discharge parts to INSS
  • Communication of work accident parts through the Delt @ system
  • Insurance agreement agreement (labor agreement, civil liability, etc ...)
  • Management of high, low and change of ownership in health records (hospitality, physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc ...) and tourism
  • Management with Industry (Mechanical Workshops)
  • Management and Writing of documentation for Single Payment Request (SEPE)
  • Application management compatibility unemployment benefit with self-employed worker activity. (SEPE).
  • Management and processing Grant entrepreneurs (Local and Autonomous)

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