Alicante City Council Grants

Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of Local Regime, modified by Law 27/2013, of December 27, on the rationalization and sustainability of the Local Administration, indicates in its Arts. 31 and 36 as the province's own purpose to ensure the provision of services under municipal jurisdiction, ... Read more »

Modification of various orders

Order SND / 440/2020 of May 23, which modifies various orders for better management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 in application of the Plan for the transition to a new normality. Article three. Modification of Order SND / 399/2020, of May 9, for the relaxation of certain restrictions of scope ... Read more »

Relaxation of restrictions to small municipalities and local entities

Order SND / 427/2020, of May 21, which relaxes certain restrictions derived from the health emergency caused by COVID-19 to small municipalities and local authorities of lower territorial scope Article 1. Purpose. The purpose of this order is to relax certain restrictions in the smaller municipalities that are still in ... Read more »

Mandatory use of mask

Orden SND/422/2020, de 19 de mayo, por la que se regulan las condiciones para el uso obligatorio de mascarilla durante la situación de crisis sanitaria ocasionada por el COVID-19. Artículo 1. Objeto. La presente orden tiene por objeto regular el uso obligatorio de mascarilla por parte de la población. A los efectos de lo dispuesto… Read more »

Plan for the transition to a new normal: phase 1 guide

In view of the current epidemiological situation of the health crisis, the Government and the Autonomous Communities have agreed to relax some measures in certain territorial units, contemplated in the SND Order / of May 9, 2020, for the relaxation of certain national restrictions. established after the declaration of the state of alarm in ... Read more »

Phase 1 de-escalation information

Dear friends, With our wishes that, upon receipt of this, you are all in good health, we will inform you of the following: Next Monday, May 11, phase 1 of de-escalation will begin, from in accordance with the provisions of Order SND / 386/2020, of May 3, by which they become more flexible ... Read more »

Phase 0, Retail and Hospitality Opening Conditions

Conditions for the opening to the public of retail establishments and commercial premises and the provision of similar services Article 1. Reopening of retail establishments and commercial premises and the provision of similar services. 1. It may proceed to reopen to the public all establishments and retail stores and service activities ... Read more »

Work Resolution ERTE (Employee Disaffection Prior to the end of the Alarm Period)

Criterion on the application of the measures of suspension and reduction of working hours during the phase of unconfineration of the state of alarm According to an agreement in the Council of Ministers, it is convenient to clarify how to proceed on the part of workers and companies in relation to the planned emergency labor measures in Royal Decree-Law 8/2020,… Read more »

Postponement of requirements for the signing of loans - mutual collaborative assignment of social security

Unilateral granting by the creditor of the notarial instruments in which the extension of term derived from the legal moratorium of the loans or credits guaranteed with a mortgage or by a different inscribable right is formalized. 1. The recognition of the application of the suspension of the mortgage debt. during the three month period ... Read more »