Bonus of the payment of fees / modification of minimum vital income and training of workers


A) Eighth additional provision.

1. The notarial and registry tariff rights derived from the formalization and registration of the novation of the loan, leasing and renting that includes the moratorium indicated in articles 18 to 23 of Royal Decree-Law 26/2020 of July 7, 2020, will be satisfied in in any case by the creditor and they will be rewarded by 50 percent in the following terms:

a) For the granting of the deed, the same fee will be accrued as for the mortgage novation deeds. The minimum fee provided will be 30 euros and the maximum of 75.

b) For the practice of registration, the fee provided for modifying novations in article 2.1.g) of Annex I of Royal Decree 1427/1989, of November 17, which approves the Registrars Fee, will be applied. A 50 percent bonus will be applied to the result. The minimum expected fee will be 24 euros and the maximum 50 euros.

2. The notarial tariff rights derived from the intervention of policies that formalize, where appropriate, the temporary suspension of the contractual obligations derived from any loan, leasing and renting referred to in articles 18 to 23 of the Royal Decree- Law 26/2020 of July 7, 2020, will be those established in the Decree of December 15, 1950 and will be rewarded by 50% with a minimum limit of 25 euros and a maximum of 50 euros.

B) «Seventh transitory provision. Integration of the allowance for child or dependent minor in the minimum vital income.

As of the entry into force of this royal decree-law, no new applications may be submitted for the economic allowance for a dependent child or minor without disabilities or with disabilities less than 33 percent of the Social Security system, which will remain to be extinguished , without prejudice to the provisions of the third paragraph. However, beneficiaries of the transitional economic benefit of minimum vital income who as of December 31, 2020 do not meet the requirements to be beneficiaries of the minimum vital income may exercise the right of option to return to the economic allowance per child or dependent minor of the Social Security system.

As of the date of entry into force of this royal decree-law, the beneficiaries of the economic allowance for each child or dependent minor without disability or with a disability of less than 33 percent will continue to receive said benefit until the requirements cease to be met and appropriate its extinction.

Applications submitted within the thirty calendar days following the entry into force of this Royal Decree-Law, in which the impossibility of submission is alleged at an earlier date, derived from the suspension of administrative deadlines established in Royal Decree 463 / 2020, of March 14, which declares the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, will be considered presented on the date that the applicant indicates that he wanted to exercise his right and this impossibility occurred. "

C) Third additional provision. Training of people affected by temporary employment regulation files.

1. The workers who are in a situation of suspension of contract or reduction of working hours as a result of a temporary employment regulation file of those referred to in this norm, will be considered a priority group for access to training initiatives of the vocational training system for employment in the workplace.