Decree 17-2021 on aid to the hospitality sector, travel agencies, artistic, recreational and leisure activities



Article 2. Award procedure

These subsidies will be granted directly, in accordance with article 168.1.C of Law 1/2015, of February 6, of the Generalitat, Public Finance, the Instrumental Public Sector and Subsidies, for reasons of public interest , economic and social.

Article 3. Beneficiaries and requirements

1. The following may be beneficiaries of this aid:
a) The companies and people framed in the regime of autonomous workers of the Social Security that, at the date of publication of this decree, have at least one contribution account with workers registered in the area of the Valencian Community and whose economic activity be classified into some of the CNAE-09 codes listed in the annex.

b) People included in the regime of self-employed Social Security workers who develop an economic activity in the Valencian Community classified in any of the CNAE-09 codes listed in the annex.

Article 4. Amount of aid

1. For the beneficiary persons or entities referred to in letter a) of article 3.1, the amount of the aid will be increased, for each person who on the date of publication of this decree is registered with a labor contract in the contribution account codes of the Valencian Community and provided that they are linked to any of the CNAE listed in the annex, with the limit of 12,000.00 euros per contribution account code, to 600,00 euros in the case of full-time contracts and 300,00 euros in the case of part-time contracts.

2. For the beneficiaries referred to in letter b) of article 3.1, the aid will amount to 600,00 euros.

Article 6. Term and form of submission of applications

1. The deadline for submitting applications will begin at 09.00 hours on February 4, 2021 and will end at 11:59 p.m. on February 17, 2021.

2. Applications will be submitted electronically at the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat through the procedure "EMPCOV 2021 Support for the viability of companies and self-employed workers affected by Covid 19". Information on the call will be available on the LABORA website and access to the electronic office to formulate the request.

3. The presentation of the applications will be carried out by carrying out two procedures:

3.1. Procedure one: Request for the date and time slot to submit the application (no electronic signature required).

To request the assignment of date and time slot To submit the application, the telematic procedure "EMPCOV 2021 Support for the viability of companies and self-employed workers affected by the Covid / 19" will be accessed, where you must click on the link «previous appointment for the presentation of aid application for the EMPCOV 2021 program».

In this process, only the identification of the company or self-employed person for which the help is requested (not its representative), an email and a contact telephone number must be entered.

The system will inform the time allotted to submit the request.

3.2. Step two: Presentation of the application (requires electronic signature).

Within the assigned range, the procedure "EMPCOV 2021 Support for the viability of companies and self-employed workers affected by Covid / 19" will be accessed again, through which the application and other required documentation will be submitted.

4. If procedure two is carried out in the assigned slot, the system will roll back the date of presentation of the application to the moment when procedure one was completed. If the application is not submitted in full in step two or is carried out outside the assigned range, the application submission date (criteria date) will be the one on which the application was actually submitted in full.

5. To carry out procedure two, you must have an advanced electronic signature, with the certificate admitted by the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat (

6. The presentation of applications through a representative will require prior authorization through the registry of representatives (, without prejudice to the provisions of letter d) of article 7.1.

8. Only one application per company or self-employed person will be accepted, in which, where appropriate, the contribution accounts for which the aid is requested will be listed.

Article 7. Documentation to be provided in step two

1. Along with the application form, the following documentation will be provided:

a) Data on the aid requested (Annex I)

b) Direct debit data

c) Responsible declaration of the de minimis aid granted to the applicant during the two previous fiscal years and during the current fiscal year (Annex II), in accordance with the provisions of the second additional provision.

d) Form relating to representation (Annex III), for the exclusive case of not having an electronic signature and acting through a representative.

2. The application must include the express authorization of the applicant so that LABORA Valencian Employment and Training Service (hereinafter LABORA) can collect the following information from the General Treasury of Social Security:

a) Situation of registration in the applicant's RETA and associated CNAE-09 code in which the activity of the self-employed worker is classified.

b) Number of persons registered for whom there is an obligation to contribute according to the code of the type of contract of each of them and the CNAE-09 code in which the activity of the company is classified with respect to each account code quote.

3. Likewise, the express authorization of the applicant must be recorded so that LABORA can collect through the Autonomous Intermediation Platform (PAI) and other systems enabled for this purpose the information related to the following:

a) Identity of the requesting natural person and, where appropriate, of their representative.

b) Certification from the State Tax Administration Agency regarding the tax domicile and the headings that appear in the IAE.

Article 8. Instruction

3. The granting of the subsidy, until the available credit is exhausted, will be made according to the criteria date (day / hour / minute / second) referred to in article 6.4. In the event that different applications had the same criteria date, it will be broken based on their lowest file number.

4. The procedure may be partially resolved, as the applicants present all the required documentation.

Article 9. Resolution and resources

3. The term to resolve and notify the appropriate resolution will be 3 months from the entry of the request in the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat. After this period has elapsed without an express resolution having been issued and notified, administrative silence will occur and the request will be deemed rejected.

Article 10. Means of notification

1. The notification of resolutions and procedural acts will be carried out through the electronic headquarters of the Generalitat (, for which an advanced electronic signature must be available, either with the recognized entity certificate (legal persons) or with the recognized certificate for citizens (natural person). To this end, a notice will be sent to the email address that appears in the file, where it will be reported that a notification has been made available at said electronic office. The lack of practice of the notice will not prevent the notice from being considered fully valid.

2. For the notification indicated in the previous section, the secure verification code may be applied as an electronic signature.

Article 11. Justification and method of payment

Given that the subsidy is granted based on the status of registration in social security of the applicant and the employed persons for whom it contributes, the justification will be made by accrediting such situation through the exchange of data with the General Treasury of Social Security and, where appropriate, other public administrations, in accordance with the provisions of article 30.7 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, general subsidies.

The settlement and payment of the aid will be made once the fulfillment of the requirements has been justified with the documentation presented together with the application and the verification carried out ex officio in accordance with the provisions of the previous section.


Article 12. Obligations

a) Provide whatever data and information, in matters related to the grants awarded, is required by LABORA.

b) Notify LABORA of any incident or variation that occurs in relation to the grant awarded.

c) Comply with the transparency obligations established in the basic legislation. Specifically, they must advertise on their website (if they have one) the obtaining of this grant.

Article 14. Compatibility regime

These grants are compatible with other grants, aid, income or resources for the same purpose, from any administration or entity, public or private, national, from the European Union or from international organizations.

Effects edit

This decree will take effect from the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana.