Current health alert level Covid in the region of Murcia



Article 1. Purpose.

The object of this Order is to publicize the level of health alert for COVID-19 in which the Region of Murcia and its municipalities are found after the last evaluation of the epidemiological situation.

Article 2. Regional health alert level.

As of September 6, 2021, the Region of Murcia is at a regional health alert level 1 Low.

Article 3. Epidemiological indicators and municipal alert levels.

As of September 6, 2021, the epidemiological indicators and municipal transmission and alert levels are those included in the Annex to this order.

Article 4. Measures applicable to the sectors regulated in the Order of June 1, 2021 of the Ministry of Health.

4.1. In general, in bullfighting shows and festivities in bullrings, as well as mass events, up to 75% of the capacity may be occupied and with a maximum attendance of 5,000 people in outdoor shows or 1,200 indoors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, these maximum numerical limits of people may even be exceeded, as long as 60% of the maximum capacity allowed in outdoor spaces or 40% in premises or closed spaces is respected, respectively.

4.2. In each municipality, the measures to be applied will be generally those corresponding to the level of health alert that each territory has.

4.4. In general for the Region of Murcia, all commercial activity and the provision of services open to the public must close their premises and establishments for face-to-face service between 02:00 and 06:00 hours. During this period and until the establishment's usual closing time, it will only be possible to provide the service at home.

Services and establishments dedicated to the following essential activities that have previously authorized night opening hours are excluded from this limitation, such as:

a) Dispensing of medicines, health products and other essential goods.

b) Assistance in health centers, services and establishments.

c) Assistance in veterinary care centers for emergency reasons.

d) Labor, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations or the provision of urgent services that must be carried out at night.

e) Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

f) Any other activity of a similar nature, duly accredited.

g) Gas stations or service stations and their rest areas.

h) Airports, ports, train or bus stations.

4.5. In general, for the entire Region of Murcia, the sale of alcoholic beverages between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited, with the exception of those establishments or services that have it allowed for immediate consumption within the premises.

This prohibition will be applicable both for the street sale and for the sale at a distance or at home of alcoholic beverages.

4.6. In general, for all activities in which the obligation to maintain a safety distance between spectators, attendees or participants is foreseen, this requirement may be exempted for groups of people who attend together and maintain a bond of coexistence, friendship or analogous. The maximum number of people who make up these groups may not exceed a maximum number of 10 people.

4.7. In general and regardless of the level of health alert in which each municipality is, in the development of civil wedding ceremonies, the attendance of guests may not exceed the following capacity figures:

4.8. Regarding the celebrations of communions, baptisms or retirements, regardless of the level of health alert in which each municipality is, the maximum occupation of each space will be the following:

4.9. The maximum occupancy allowed in markets and flea markets will be 100 percent of the number of stalls usually authorized in the municipalities that are at level 1 of health alert.

4.10. The maximum occupancy of the interior of the premises destined for hotels, restaurants and the provision of the food and beverage dispensing service will be 75 percent of the capacity in those municipalities that are in level 1 of health alert.

4.11. In general for the entire Region, within the premises intended for hotels, restaurants and the provision of the food and beverage dispensing service, the maximum number of people seated at tables will be six, except in the case of a single group of cohabiting people, in which case there will be no numerical limit.

Outside of this type of premises, the maximum number of people seated at tables will be ten.

4.12. The interior of nightlife venues and discos, dance halls, karaoke, pubs, cocktail bars with and without live musical performances must remain closed.

Karaoke establishments that can carry out their activity abroad must have a specific activity protocol for the prevention of COVID. Before the start of the activity, a responsible declaration, together with said protocol, will be submitted to the General Directorate of Public Health and Addictions.

4.13. During the development of public shows, bullfighting celebrations, mass and sporting events, the use of the mask will be mandatory at all times.

4.14. In establishments and venues where public shows are held, as well as in bullfighting festivals and permanent facilities where mass and sporting events are held, canteens are allowed to open for the sale and dispensing of food and drink, but their consumption is prohibited in the same. Said consumption must occur in the assigned seats following the stipulated measures. The removal of the mask is only allowed at the same time as the consumption of food and beverages in the respective assigned seats. Clients must maintain interpersonal safety distance at all times.

4.15. Buffet or self-service services are allowed in hotels and hotel and restaurant establishments, provided they have the following preventive measures indicated in this order.

Article 5. Efficacy.

This order will enter into force at 00:00 on September 8, 2021 and will remain in effect until the publication of a new order that replaces it in response to the evolution of the epidemiological situation.