Tax deferral

On March 13, due to the current situation we are experiencing due to the Codid-19 Coronavirus, the Government of Pedro Sánchez published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of the Royal Decree-Law, a plan to help SMEs and freelancers with a turnover of up to six million euros in trading volume ... Read more »

Circular flat rate for corporate freelancers

The Supreme Court recognizes that corporate freelancers are entitled to the Flat Rate in their Social Security contributions. Judgment number 3887/2019 of December 3, 2019, issued by the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court, declares that the corporate self-employed of a company have the right to the application of… Read more »

Circular freelancers quote

According to the provision of the General Treasury of the Social Security, the quota of the self-employed for the year 2020 will not rise until the approval of the General State Budgets. In January 2020, the share of the self-employed should have increased according to the new types of contributions for the year 2020, as established by… Read more »

Sentence day records

The Social Court of the National Court has handed down a sentence in which it ratifies the business decision to discount the rest time from the working day. In the Court of the Social Court of the National Court in its judgment number 144/2019 of December 10, 2019, supported by jurisprudence of the… Read more »

New types of contributions for the self-employed in the year 2020

In Royal Decree-Law 28/2018 of December 28, for the revaluation of public pensions and other urgent measures in social, labor and employment matters, the Second Transitory Provision establishes for the year 2020, a progressive increase in rates of contribution applicable for professional contingencies and for cessation of activity of the… Read more »

The rise of the SMI for the year 2020 is frozen until a new government is formed.

By 2020, the Minimum Interprofessional Salary is frozen until a new government is formed. The rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary will remain frozen until government is formed, as advanced in the press. Predictably and soon, there will be a new government that will increase the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. The CAESAR team will inform… Read more »

New duration of paternity leave for the year 2020.

A partir del 1 de Enero 2020, el permiso de paternidad se ampliará a 12 semanas según establece el Real Decreto-ley 6/2019 de medidas urgentes para la garantía de la igualdad de trato y oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres en el empleo y la ocupación. El permiso de paternidad contará con un periodo de suspensión… Read more »

Labor Record

Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of March 8, on urgent measures of social protection and the fight against job insecurity during the workday, establishes that as of May 12, 2019 all those self-employed or businessmen who have dependent workers must guarantee a daily log of the day ... Read more »