Complementary measures to mitigate the effects derived from COVID-19

According to Royal Decree-Law 9/2020, of March 27, by which complementary measures are adopted, in the workplace, to mitigate the effects derived from COVID-19, the following aspects are highlighted: Article 2. Measures extraordinary for job protection. Force majeure and economic, technical, organizational and production causes ... Read more »

Recoverable paid leave

According to Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, of March 29, which regulates a recoverable paid leave for employed persons who do not provide essential services, in order to reduce the mobility of the population in the context of the fight against COVID-19, the following aspects are available… Read more »

Moratorium Social Contributions

Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, of March 31, which adopts urgent complementary measures in the social and economic field to deal with COVID-19 (BOE No. 91 of April 1, 2020), establishes: Moratorium from social security contributions to Social Security (art.34). Purpose: moratoriums of six months, without interest or ... Read more »

Help Valencian community

DECREE 44/2020, of April 3, of the council, of approval of the regulatory bases for the direct granting of urgent aid to self-employed workers affected by Covid-19. Article 1. Purpose and scope The purpose of this decree is to approve the bases that regulate the granting of aid to workers ... Read more »

Inquiries Hacienda RDL 8-2020

Question: What does the tax measures of article 33 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020 affect? Answer :: The provisions of article 33 of the RDL only apply in relation to procedures initiated prior to its entry into force, that is, initiated prior to March 18, 2020. Question: What are the main… Read more »

Extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity for those affected by the declaration of a state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by the covid-19.

With exceptional character and validity limited to one month, due to the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation before COVID-19, or until the last day of the month in which said state of alarm ends (if it continues for more one month), the self-employed whose activities are suspended in ... Read more »

Exceptional measures in relation to the procedures for suspension of contracts and reduction of working hours due to force majeure (E.R.T.E.)

Contract suspensions and working hours reductions caused as a consequence of COVID-19, which imply suspension or cancellation of activities, temporary closure of public affluence premises, restrictions on public transport and, in general, of the mobility of people and / or or the goods, lack of supplies that impede the development of the activity or ... Read more »

Temporary limitation of the effects of the extemporaneous presentation of requests for performance benefits

During the period of validity of the extraordinary measures in the field of public health adopted by the authorities to combat the effects of the extension of COVID-19, the presentation of requests for initial registration or resumption of benefits and unemployment benefits made outside of term does not imply that the duration is reduced ... Read more »

Information on mortgage loans RDL 8/2020

As a result of the current state of emergency motivated by COVID-19, the government has published this Wednesday, March 18, 2020, measures to help pay for loans or credits secured by a real estate mortgage whose debtor is in the alleged cases. of economic vulnerability established in article 9 of ... Read more »