Minimum interprofessional salary for the year 2019.


On December 27, 2018, it was published in the B.O.E. Royal Decree 1462/2018, of December 21, which sets the minimum interprofessional salary for the year 2019.

On 01/01/2019, the MINIMUM WAGE for any activity in agriculture, industry and services, without distinction of sex or age of workers, is set at the following amounts:

AMOUNT 30 900 12.600,00
  • For temporary and temporary workers, their professional salary cannot be less than € 42.62 per legal day in the activity. In bliss
    Amount includes the proportional part of the remuneration for Sundays and holidays, vacations and the two extraordinary bonuses.
  • The minimum salary of household employees who work part-time, on an external basis, will be € 7.04 per hour actually worked, including all remuneration items.
  • The new amounts represent an increase of 22.3 percent over the year 2018.