Sentence day records


The Social Court of the National Court has dictated judgment in which it ratifies the business decision to discount the rest time from the working day.

In the Court of the Social Court of the National Court in its judgment number 144/2019 of December 10, 2019, supported by jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, dictates that the breaks or breaks for rest that a worker makes in his workday, does not They are considered effective working time.

The Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 of March 8, on urgent measures of social protection and the fight against job insecurity during the workday, states that The company will guarantee a daily log of the day, which must include the specific start and end time of each worker's work day. Said day registration will be organized and documented according to the decision taken through collective bargaining or company agreement or, failing that, the employer's decision after consultation with the RR.TT.

The team Caesar will inform about new questions that may arise about working day records.